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Rescued Tile
The rescued tile, are part of the history of Barcelona, because every are from different streets (buildings) of the city, each tile being original of its manufacture from many years ago.
The possible small imperfections are not a defect, they are authentic and natural details of each piece.

Each tile includes a technical sheet where it specifies the exact point of the city, where it was recovered, the year of manufacture, and the year of recovery of the tile.

The tile is prepared in a metallic frame painted in the oven with matt black finish with resistant felts to support it on any surface. You can collect the tile or use it as a decoration element

Instant Table
Consists of 2 metal pieces ready to be attached without the need for tools.
Your rescued tile is already prepared so that you can fit it to the Instant Table and turn it into an auxiliary table, bedside table, pedestal or whatever you decide. The instant table comes painted in the oven with matt black finish.

Get your tile and give it a second life.

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The pack contains, 1 Instant Table and 1 rescued tile.

Dimensions of the tile: 20x20x2.5 cm.
Dimensions of the box: 21x22x3.2 cm.
Tile weight: 2,5kg.

Dimensions of legs: 15x15x38 cm.
Dimensions of the legs box: 22X39X1.4
Legs weight, 0,5kg

Total Pack Weight (tile and legs): 3 Kg.


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