Welcome to BORNISIMO Casa Artesana, a concept store based on the founder´s urge to bring products together very alike.

Indeed, the store offers products made it by local artists and design brands around the world.

Moreover, Bornisimo offers ceramic pieces, handmade graphic art by artists from Barcelona and local brands, such as Woodys and MAM originals, who creates sustainable wooden products.

You have the chance to discover Bornisimo perfumes that it will remind you of Barcelona vibes, also the store offers other items that could be a special present or a treat for yourself.

Our door is open to artisans who want to work with us base on the same Bornisimo values.

Over time, the company has become increasingly interested in being an active member of the sustainable development of its local environment, reason why we are in the process of becoming a BIOSHPHERE ambassador and thus being able to be a tourism responsible store. In Bornisimo we are aware that our commercial activity has negative impact on the society and the environment, which is why we want to minimize them as much as possible in order to offer a better service to our customers.

Our purpose as a family is to raise awareness among our workers and our clients to make a change in our habits in order to enjoy a livable environment and to leave a better planet to future generations.


Achieve with each of our actions that, BORNISIMO, offer products of the highest quality and efficiency, within a framework of sustainability.


We want to always be a company with a spirit of service, easy to reach by society and thus generating a circle of trust. We work with a cohesive human team committed to the environment.

 Transparency: we always communicate and offer our products with truthfulness; we know that through sincerity and credibility, Bornisimo, will be able to continue growing every day. The company staff selection process is clear from the beginning.

Respect for people:  we know that professional and personal relationships must always be based on respect.

Respect for the environment: we constantly work to minimize our ecological footprint.

Social development: we support and boost the development of local talent and companies who also contribute to the environment.